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ArcGIS Software


ArcGIS is a high-end GIS with capabilities for automation, modification, management, analysis and display of geographic information. Because of its Open Development Environment, ArcGIS allows users to easily build custom applications and interfaces. Various extensions are available to extend core functionality. ArcGIS adheres to modern software engineering and computing standards.

    Software extensions: - ArcGIS has a suite of extensions that provide extended capabilities to the core product.

  • 3D Analyst - Manage and visualize three-dimensional geographic data.
  • ArcScan - Provides tools for conversion of data from raster to vector, i.e. create features from images. Note: with the release of ArcGIS 9.1, the functionality of ArcScan is included in ArcInfo.
  • Data Interoperability - Enables direct access to all standard data formats without need to convert between formats.
  • Data Reviewer – A complete toolset for QA/QC aspects and management of GIS workflows.
  • Geostatistical Analyst - Used to investigate spatial statistics.
  • Maplex - Create advanced labels and symbols for map features. Note: with the release of ArcGIS 9.1, the functionality of Maplex is included in ArcInfo.
  • Network Analyst - Allows for the use of datasets encompassing multiple attributes, define various cost attributes, such as distance, time, and visibility.
  • Production Mapping – Tools for managing map data production and validation plus tools for production of high-quality cartographic products.
  • Publisher - Provides the capability to share and distribute GIS maps and data
  • Schematics - Enables the generation, visualization, and manipulation of diagrams from data in a database.
  • Spatial Analyst - Allows complex raster operations such as terrain analysis, surface modeling, surface interpolation, and statistical analysis.
  • VBA – A programming tool allowing customization of the ArcGIS Desktop interface and applications. (Deprecated at version 10.1)
  • Workflow Manager – Application providing management and tracking of enterprise workflows, allocation of resources and job status progress and tracking. (Formerly called JTX)

Fact Sheets

The TIPS GIS Team has put together Information Sheets for our users. These are intended to assist our customers with understanding the many and varied functionality of ArcGIS and its extensions.
All fact sheets are pdfs.


Technical or computer specialists in all disciplines.


The TIPS web pages with installation instructions for the latest versions of GIS Software are linked below. To complete a successful installation, you will also need the distribution letter that came with your software as it contains other settings that need to be done for the TIPS GIS installation.

ArcGIS 10.4.1 Installation Instructions for Internal OSMRE Users (pdf)

ArcGIS 10.4.1 Installation Instructions for External State/Tribe Users (pdf)


  • Create maps of every aspect of the project with tables and database information.
  • Wildlife habitat with species lists.
  • Vegetation zones with species lists.
  • Soil types with classification lists.
  • Land ownership with tables of names, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Lease locations with tables of lease number, names, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Maps


No training information listed.

Vendor Information

Vendor Information available at:

Contacts for Software Help:

Benson, Chris OSMRE-WR (303) 293 - 5085
Koplin, Chad WY-DEQ (307) 777 - 6470
Lograsso, Kamiliah OSMRE-AR (412) 937 - 2849
Mastrorocco, Tom OSMRE-AR (412) 937 - 2939

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