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Software Downloads

Details Size Links
No additional information 26.4 MB Download from AMDTreat website

AMDTreat Software Page
BLEP Extension
The Blast Log Evaluation Program (BLEP) is a tool for the inspector or blasting specialist to evaluate from 2 to 50 blast logs. 1.2 MB Download exe file

BLEP Software Page
Please revisit this area periodically for updates and new features.

3D 64-bit Updates:
(1) 3D Viewer - new option to record the main viewer screen to AVI video
(2) 3D printing - new command line program to convert Faces files to simple STL format. Get syntax by entering ev_facestostl.exe –h

Installation (MKS and MSYS): run-as Administrator.

Companion Files: If the April 2011 earthVision 8.1 Companion CD has been misplaced, you need to download this self-extracting archive. A password is required and is contained in the license information sheet.

Contact Mike Dunn at or (412)937-2910 or Kristin Brown at or (303)293-5048.

Current version is 9.1.
Updates: 14 MB

Companion Files: 33.2 MB
Download exe file

Download Companion Files exe

earthVision Software Page
Before you install GALENA, please make sure you also have the latest KeyServer Client installed on your machine. You can then begin downloading the newest version of GALENA.

A username and password is required, please contact Ron Miles at or (412) 937-2834 for this information.

Current version is
11.5 MB Download exe file from GALENA website

GALENA Software Page
Global Mapper
Global Mapper is an easy to use, powerful mapping program. It allows users to collect, update, interpret and visualize geographic information. This software is designed to import, create, maintain and export most raster, vector and elevation data. This program is intended for the use of TIPS customers only.

For the registration code please contact Lukus Monette at or (412) 937-2864.

Current version is 18.0.3.
32-bit Client:
110 MB

64-bit Client:
101 MB

Installation Instructions:

Downloads from Blue Marble Geographics website:

32-bit Client exe

64-bit Client exe

Global Mapper Installation Instructions Version 18

Global Mapper Software Page

K2Client.exe is the installation program for Windows XP 32 bit OS and Windows 7 32 bit OS.

K2Client-X64.exe is the installation program for Windows 7 64 bit OS, Windows Vista 64 bit OS and Windows XP 64 bit OS.

The KeyClient installation program will install the client version on your client computer. The KeyServer KeyClient program is REQUIRED for use of ALL TIPS software. Many TIPS applications will not run without the KeyClient installed. The required information is available from your TIPS Service Manager or TIPS License Server Manager.

Current version is
32-bit OS:
1.9 MB

64-bit OS:
1.9 MB

Installation Instructions:
40 KB
Download 32-bit client exe

Download 64-bit client exe

Download Instructions pdf

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